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Your Trusted Supplier since 2008 of Gourmet Frozen Yogurt Mix, Greek Frozen Yogurt Mix, Fruit Sorbet Mix, Lactose-Free
Non-Dairy Soft-Serve Mix, No Sugar Added Frozen Yogurt Mix, Simply Remarkable Frozen Yogurt Flavors & much more

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Top Frozen Yogurt Supplier Canadian Wholesale Yogurt Supplier Yogurt Distribution - Believe In Something Good Serving Frozen Yogurt Mix Worldwide, Import and Export of Frozen Yogurt Mix Canadian Wholesale Yogurt Supplier

Purveyors of High Quality, Award-Winning Yogurt Mix Since 2008

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 North America's Premium Frozen Yogurt Mix

Your One-Stop Shop for All Things Soft-Serve Frozen Yogurt

Everything Yogurt And Then Some.....

Providing all the products needed to run a successful self-serve frozen yogurt store.  Your customers want to try new things, explore new flavors, experience new products. Your customers crave high quality, flavor intensity and premium YDC products.

Providing all your Soft-Serve Frozen Yogurt Supply needs...

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Manufacturing only the best, cutting edge soft-serve premium frozen yogurt mix including Plain Sweet, Plain Tart, Country Vanilla, Dutch Chocolate, Sugar-Free or No Sugar Added Yogurt, Authentic Greek frozen yogurt mix, Kefir frozen yogurt, Organic Frozen Yogurt Mix and yogurt store products is what we do! From the best frozen yogurt mixes, the most amazing yogurt magical flavors, premium quality lactose-free non-dairy soft-serve mix, popular yogurt toppings, exotic sauces, fruit smoothies, syrups, custom printed cups and paper goods we’ve got all the bases covered. And speaking of bases, we got smoothie and frappe bases too!

Best Taste and Texture in the soft-serve frozen yogurt business

In terms of the BEST Frozen Yogurt, the taste and texture is everything and seldom do you get a second chance to correct a bad impression. By choosing YDC Products for your frozen yogurt store, your yogurt loving customers are getting the top frozen yogurt they demand - and the original frozen yogurt taste with over 200 flavors (and counting) that they've come to yearn and crave.

SELL QUALITY & BE ASSURED OF REPEAT CUSTOMERS - Making the first sale to your customer will be no problem because the frozen yogurt will be new and people generally will want to try it. Generating repeat business will happen only by selling a high quality, nutritiously delicious frozen yogurt. The only way to get this is with a high quality mix. The high quality mix may cost more but what is more valuable?? Selling ONE cup of yogurt at a higher margin; or, selling many repeat orders at a slightly lower margin??

Quality and taste keeps the customers coming back for more!!!!!! Without REPEAT CUSTOMERS you will not be in business for too long!!!!  Don't take chances. Don't settle for the second best.  Always GO FOR THE BEST with Yogurt Distribution Company.

Yogurt Distribution's revolutionary products have created amazing success stories from independently owned self-serve frozen yogurt stores to top yogurt store franchises across the United States, Canada and worldwide. We thank our customers for making us part of their yogurt success story and look forward to helping you do the same.

Private Label / White Label Yogurt and Sorbet Mixes

Get your own brand of yogurt and sorbet mix.  We create private label / white label yogurt and sorbet mixes with your own branding.  Simply send us your logo and label information so that we can set you up as one of our private label customers. The minimum order is only 1pallet (30 cases) and you can mix flavors.

Yogurt Distribution is All Things Yogurt...And then some. We carry everything you need to please your frozen yogurt store customers, to keep your customers loyal, satisfied and coming back to you for more.

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Top Frozen Yogurt Supplier Canadian Wholesale Yogurt Supplier Yogurt Distribution - Believe In Something Good Serving Frozen Yogurt Mix Worldwide, Import and Export of Frozen Yogurt Mix Canadian Wholesale Yogurt Supplier

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