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Yogurt Distribution Company is committed to fast deliveries, excellent customer service, and highest quality products including both North America's Best-Selling Premium Soft-Serve Frozen Yogurt Mix, Greek Frozen Yogurt Mix, Original Plain California Style Tart Frozen Yogurt Mix, Lactose-Free Soft-Serve (Non-Dairy) Mix and Organic, Kosher, Probiotic, No HFCS, No Artificial Anything, & Active Culture Liquid Yogurt Mix.

Top Frozen Yogurt Supplier

Serve With Total Confidence - Get Your Customers Healthfully Addicted To Your Frozen Yogurt Made With YDC Mix and freshly flavored with the exotic world of Magical Flavors

Premium frozen yogurt (Proudly Made in the Good Ole USA and Canada - No cheap Chinese, Taiwanese or Korean stuff here) is our passion at YDC and we consistently strive to provide our customers with fresh, premium ingredients that offer exceptional flavor.  Feel confident serving YDC to your customers because you know we're the good stuff, bar none. Our top quality frozen yogurt is made from quality ingredients. Decadently creamy, irresistibly tangy sweet, deliciously nutritious and nutritiously delicious.

SELL QUALITY & BE ASSURED OF REPEAT CUSTOMERS - Making the first sale to your customer will be no problem because the frozen yogurt will be new and people generally will want to try it. Generating repeat business will happen only by selling a high quality, very tasty, delicious frozen yogurt. The only way to get this is with a high quality mix. The high quality mix may cost more but what is more valuable?? Selling ONE cup of yogurt at a higher margin; or, selling many repeat orders at a slightly lower margin?? Quality and taste keeps the customers coming back for more!!!!!! Without REPEAT CUSTOMERS you have NO business!!!!

Our mix is so good that your customers will not be able to stop with just a little bit.  They will keep coming back to you for more as they will become healthfully addicted to your unique frozen yogurt offering.  They will beg you for more and bring their friends and family to introduce them to truly the best froyo in the neighborhood.

We constantly add new and exciting yogurt and soft-serve store supply products including:

Award-winning Greek, Original California and Swiss style plain tart mix
Premium Vanilla and Chocolate frozen yogurt mix
Top Quality Plain Sweet Frozen Yogurt mix
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As a Valued Yogurt Distribution customer, you get full access to our secret recipes to make the creamiest frozen yogurt on the planet that will entice your customers and will make them come back to your store for more and more.

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